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I would like to thank you for your excellent product and first rate service. You have been helpful and informative in your email replies to my many questions and have made note of all my requests in customizing my chip to my car and conditions. Your chip arrived within 10 days of my money transfer and all without a hitch.

I spent the afternoon out in my car after fitting your chip and I am impressed by the changes!

The changeover of chips was straight forward and took less than an hour. Broke one of the tabs on the DME box but that was my fault rather than it being due to any real difficulties.

I noticed a change straight away as my car fired up first turn on the key and normally the starter needs a few cranks. The idle was solid and smoother than previously too.

The throttle was more responsive to the touch and there was noticably more acceleration from as low as 1000 rpm. The car now has a little extra kick from about 3000rpm which is distinct from the standard's car's less noticable rise in power at a higher 4000rpm. At 4500rpm the car really picks up and there seems to be more urge right upto and beyond 6200rpm.

The standard car's power output is very linear without any real kick but your chip gives the car an "on cam" jump in power from 3000rpm and this gives a much nicer seat of the pant's feel of speed.

Town driving was improved as there is less on/off throttle jerkyness and as there is more torque down low I can be in higher gear at low speeds. Amazingly pickup from 5th gear from 1000rpm was even tolerated! It really seems improved at the low and mid range yet the top end is better as well.

You can have your cake and eat it too!

Initially I was not sure that your chip would make much of a difference to my car as it is a Eurospec. non catalytic convertor engine with a Monty muffler, running off 98RON fuel and putting out 231hp. I suspected as unlike your 207hp. US cars mine was the most highly tuned factory version there would be little change in output with just a chip but everything you said I would notice I did.

I believe buying your chip was money well spent!

Highly recommended.

Dr Simon Wong
Melbourne, Australia

85 Euro Carrera



Ok I've have regained my composure.

I just hope I never get used to kick in the ass that occurs when my foot is down and the car hits 4k. I'm holding on for dear life, no bs. I didn't let the needle get beyond the tach red line, but it was still pulling like a wild animal.

Great improvement in throttle response, ie push the gas pedal and I get more power. Before keep pushing until I got more power, will help throttle steering once I get used to the power.

I'm telling you that the car just jumps out of it's skin at 4k.

I couldn't be more pleased with the results. To put things in perspective, the increase in performance (quickness) with the chip exceeded the increase in performance when I first put the SSIs on the Calif. 2.7. Now that is saying something.

88 Carrera


Hi Steve,

I installed the chip last week and drive it for 500 km and what can i say..... it´s a great chip no stalling, better responding etc. also my girlfriend on the right seat notice the difference, without i tell her something :-)thanks a lot and i will tell my 911 friends about your chips and hope they will also join the 911chips club :-)

Christian S
91 964 Carrera 4 w/LWF and cuppipe
Hamburg, Germany




WOW, crazy fast with new chip installed. I got chip installed around 11am Sat. morning and it fired right up. I knew right off the bat that there was an improvement just pulling away. There is no hesitation like before. Once I got the car up to temperature, it was time to have some fun. The pull was from down low all the way to 6000's. When I really get on it in first gear, it is so fast it is unbelievable. Grab second and here we go again, third is a dream, just pulls so strong and hard all the way. The sound is great with the new MAF unit, you really can hear the engine roaring. Temperature that day was around 35-40 F (It actually was snowing a little bit, yuck!!) I think we are supposed to have a few 50 degree days this week so I get out a little more. The up and down idle surge went away with your chip.

All in all Steve, I am very, very pleased. I'm very much looking forward to working with you in the next few months getting this thing twisted to the max.

Talk to you soon,

Chris H.
86 Carrera



Hi over there in the US,

The chip arrived about ten days after your mail. Takes a little time over the Atlantic, but I think its reasonably fast. Fast enough for me.

It took a while before I installed the chip. Didn`t have the opportunity to try it out on icy winter-roads anyway. A few days ago the temp was rising and the roads cleared from the ice.

In the chip went and...........I`m truly amazed ! This was even better than I had thought it would be. As I just have tried rolling on my 195/65-15 studded winter tyres I have not yet tested "high speed power" over 150 km/h. If You can achive similar results for the 3,6 it will be a real "standard turbo-killer" for sure.

Temporarily report :

No pinging at this temperatures at least. Much smoother and more even power delivery at WOT with no flatspots troughout the entire revband. Much stronger both down low and when it "transforms" to a monster above 4500 ! No more lag. I can now pass the crossroad- junction in 3`rd opposed to 2`nd before. Shining even more though, is the remarkably much better part-throttle response that is so much better than OE (truly su...s) and FVD`s chip. Its so much more nimble and lightfooted. Superb ! Noticeably easier to get off the clutch without stalling, indeed improved at takeoffs.

Best regards
Magnus R

86 EURO 930/20 Carrera
- Norway


Hi Steve,

Just thought I'd give you an up date on my 87 Carrera Targa. Just completed a trip to Oklahoma City this past week. I drove 1360 miles at an average speed of 100 mph. When I could cruise without traffic in the way I was usually between 110-120 mph. Occasionally I would hit 140. And once I thought let's just see how fast this car will go. I ran out of straight road and into some traffic at 160 mph. I was at 6200 rpm's and felt I could have gotten another 10 mph out of it with the higher redline from your chip. The car is simply awesome at that speed. Rock solid and tracks straight as an arrow. The most pleasant surprise came at the end of the day when I added up all the gallons of gas and the miles driven and discovered that I had averaged 23 mpg driving at those speeds. The car had a fresh tune up before the trip but I attribute the performance to your chip. Thanks again. Even with the increased redline I usually never take it past the red line on my tach.

Tom S.
87 Carrera


Steve Wong is my Hero
I just got around to installing my Steve W chip today.

To tell the truth, the first 911 I drove was an SC. Carreras' always felt a little choked in comparisson. Not quite as revvy?

Well, after fitting Steves' chip my car has become very lively indeed!

I need some advice as to how to stop the smell of burning rubber from entering the cabin???

Seriously though. The car started up and idled as smooth as silk straight away. The installation took about 20 minutes. Great fitting instructions, including pictures.

Driving the car, I immediately noticed that you now have to concentrate on not going over 3000rpm during the warmup stage! The throttle response is much more 'on the money'. The engine feels looser (if thats the right word?), much more willing in the 2k to 4k rev range.

The best money I have ever spent on any of my cars!!!

My car is totally a Stock UK spec car. No other mods at all. Steve burnt the chip to this spec for me and I received it in about 10 days.

The only thing I had to do was adjust the idle down slightly, which is the usual situation I believe.

Get this on your Christmas list. Easy to fit (even for a monkey like me) and an amazing injection of life into your car.

I now wish that my quattro was a later model with Motronic instead of CIS. If it were, I'd get Steve to do a chip for that aswell!

Thanks Steve.

Mark sP
1989 911 Euro Carrera Targa Sport(Black)


hi steve,
just got done with making some runs comparing stock car with stock chip vs. yr chip. made 6-7 runs each on the same stretch of road. i chose to compare horsepower only as 0-60 times is just too hard to replicate and i don't want to abuse my clutch so much. the horsepower numbers were obtained from wot in second gear till the rev limiter kicked in. i tried to control the other variables as much as possible such as the amount of gas in the tank (filled up b4 each set of runs), and external temp was within 3 degrees. the g-tech was set with the vehicle wt as 3000 pounds and kept constant in its position and setting for each run. i eliminated the highest and lowest runs from each set and obtained the following avg horsepower: stock chip: 174.75 your chip: 188.25! and as i said before, not only does it show better numbers, it makes the car so much more lively and fun to drive throughout the rpm range which is what really counts for me. it's idling a bit higher but is very smooth, no hunting and no pinging that i can tell so far. the fabspeed premuffler is going on later and i'll make more runs in the next two days when i can get the external temp to cooperate. btw, please feel free to share any of this info with anyone.

take care,

Mike W
88 Carrera - stock



I received and installed the chip!

Just got back from an all too short test drive (had to watch the big Arnold debate). First thing I noticed was a BIG difference in throttle response from 2000-3000rpm, much stronger in second, and much more noticeable in third; really snapped the head back. My son noticed it too; I took him along for a second butt dyno opinion since he has driven it pre-Steve W chip too. Basically the throttle seems much more responsive throughout the torque range and it makes heel and toeing MUCH easier/quicker. I noticed too that at idle the exhaust note seems a little different, more of a cool "burble". Also I noticed that at the lower revs I don't get any muffler back pressure "popping", must be because of the richer mixture. I plan to get another dyno next week if possible, curious to see what the HP is - will share the results with you.

I ordered the Dansk pre-muffler (and gaskets) today, should have it by Monday or Tuesday; I will probably install it next weekend. Another dyno after that too; maybe I'll get a quantity discount from the dyno shop ;o) !

Bottom line, I am Very Happy with the mod - thanks! I can't wait for my drive to the Sonoma PCA concourse this weekend.

Tom T.
88 Carrera Club Sport (1 of 22 in the U.S.


Last night I made the first modification to my previously stock 3.2, installing Steve's custom chip. This was not an impulse buy--I've been surveying various mods for a year. Pre-installation service and communication with Steve and installation instructions were excellent. Additionally, Steve guarantees satisfaction with his product. I'm obviously not an hp junky and have been pretty satisfied with my car's performance, so Steve's guarantee made it an easy purchase. Another advantage to this type of mod is that it's so easily reversible.

My first seat-of-the-pants impressions of the performance gains are very positive, based on a hour of driving around town and on the highway. The engine pulls more powerfully from low rpms, and feels like it gets "on the pipe" at about 3k instead of 4k. Throttle response and acceleration are much quicker. Engine speed drops less quickly on deceleration and downshifting. Because this is my daily driver, I didn't want an "upgrade" to make the engine temperamental at lower speeds. Again, I was presently surprised. Around town, the increased smoothness of response when depressing/releasing the accelerator virtually eliminates the herky-jerkies in traffic.

Additional considerations: Because the engine speed decreases more gradually when you go off the throttle, downshifting does not slow the car as quickly, so you use more brake force. On a couple of sweeping on ramps, when I punched it I got more front end lift than I'm used to, resulting in noticeable understeer--I'm glad the pavement was dry. The engine idles so smoothly that the distinctive "percolating" sound is tempered--I love(d) that sound, so this would have to count as the only negative, greatly outweighed by the advantages.

This chip has met my objective in upgrading--increasing the pleasure of driving my car. I recommend it to anyone with a similar interest. While my experience is unique to my car, others have been just as satisfied, and Steve's guarantee should make it a no-brainer. It is a very cost-effective upgrade.

Dan M
85 Targa 911

Got home late last night and as expected, your chip was waiting. I called it quits early today so that I could get out to the garage for the install. I admit I was a tad nervous opening up the motronic box but it was straight forward per your instructions.

So what I now have is stock 3.2 with the B & B single out partnered with the Fabsport pre-muff for exhaust upgrades and the K & N cone for improved airflow. I just got back from 45 minutes in the foothills for a test drive with your chip installed and I can tell you that I am extremely impressed with the results from the changes. I do wish I had done them step by step to gauge which was giving the biggest return but as a package, it really has transformed the power characteristics. Not sure I see much around 2k like some have said but I do notice more from 3k on up....definitely more torque lower down in the power band and I'm attributing that to your chip not the exhaust mods. When it hits 4500 RPM it screams! I think last time you and I talked via email the conclusion is that my mods plus the chip would result in 30 or so HP on top of the stock 217 and I can easily believe that 245 is where I am. That combined with the CS's lower weight and that's a power to weight ratio that I'm very happy with.

Thanks Steve.

Craig C.
'88 Club Sport (1 of the other 22 in the U.S.

1st trip w/ Steve W chip!
A few weeks ago the wife and I took the Pcar up to Yosemite for the weekend.

This was the first trip with Steve W's chip in the car. Great drive up to the sierras, took 120 from San Francisco. Fastest Ive ever gone up Old Priest Grade!

Lots of spirited driving at altitudes from sea level to over 8000ft.

Car ran great! Lots better throttle response, mid range is stronger and !!! better gas millage!

Since Ive had the car Ive never been able to break the 20 mpg mark, but its been over 22 mpg and one tank over 24 mpg!! Best Ive done since Ive owned the car...

Here are some photos I took on the trip...

Car is a stock 1988 Targa. Only mod is the chip, but Im planning more!!

flat 6's..
'88 911 targa --> fast
'61 BE35 -> faster

Hello Steve,
Well, let me tell you, this code is a winner in my book. I have never experienced such smooth power, idle, and response from any chip I have tried. That includes Autothority, Weltmeister, and my own concoctions. I see no richness at idle, even though I am at close to 3000 feet elevation. The power band up through 4000 rpm used to sort of 'lag' with my stock chip, but this is smooth and precise. Many thanks.

Tom O
88 Carrera



Well I vote SteveW, I’v not long put the chip in my 85 euro 3.2 with sports exhaust 2 out 84mm and K&N filter, I let Steve know what I wanted and the gas I use, two weeks later the chip arrived in the post with full detailed instructions on fitting. It took me about 1/2 an hour all up and started strait away in to a perfect idle. took the car for a short spin and right away could fell the increase in torque and smoooth running. ( the car ran very well before any way) at about 2500 rpm it just pulls away very even and quick. not unlike the 3.6 motors, in fact some Porsche guys say it sounds like a 3.6. The car fells lighter and more nimble, I just like giving it gas and enjoying new ride.

Just back from a raod trip to France in the p-car with the chip fitted and all went very well. On the toll roads I was sitting on a bout 90-100 mpa and at times up tp 130mpa and the car pulled like a train all the there and would easly go beond that. gas consumption was about the same, the other thing is that it is a lot louder! more harsh sounding at high speed.

Paul Im in the UK so SW’s chip work on our cars just e-mail the guy an get one.


Steve R.
85 Euro 930/20 Carrera - Channel Islands, U.K.


I had Steve burn a custom chip for me several months ago and I just got time to install it last week. Man, what a difference! Not a huge power increase but definitely much better overall.

The car is an '88 Carrera 3.2, with Dansk euro premuffler and Dansk sport muffler with a single 84mm tip. The face has been cut off the airbox and it has a K&N filter. Those changes alone provided a very nice power boost, but the chip really woke the car up! BTW, the car originally came with the better "8" chip (same thing as a Club Sport chip but with the stock RPM limit).

I asked Steve to keep the timing a little on the conservative side because I sometimes run the car in hot weather with the A/C on, and I didn't want any preignition issues. Many of the mass-produced chips run up to 33 degrees total advance, but we held this one to 29 degrees. Otherwise the timing is more advanced throughout the range, and the fuel maps are richer where needed. I also had him hold the stock RPM limit because I really don't spend a lot of time up around redline. Most of the chip manufacturers get higher horsepower numbers by raising the RPM limit.

The main things I notice are:

Improved throttle response - the engine always feels like it's ready to go with the slightest crack of the throttle. A lot like the Saab Turbos we've owned for years, once they're up on boost.

More power down low, like below 3000 RPM - not a lot but definitely noticeable. It accelerates faster and smoother from lower RPMs than it did before.

More power from 3500 to redline - pulls smoother and harder than it did before, and right up to redline. This is especially noticeable in 4th and 5th.

Before the chip swap the exhaust made an occasional popping sound on deceleration (probably from a lean condition?), and that's gone. The exhaust note sounds healthier too.

Absolutely no evidence of preignition, even with the A/C on and air temperatures in the high 90's, oil temperature at about 210 degrees.

I couldn't be happier and I'd recommend Steve's work to anyone. You can get a custom chip burned specifically for your application for quite a bit less than what the mass-produced chips cost.

Dave T. - Wavey


Performance Chip installed - car won't start
Of course the dolt (me) that installed it - put it in backwards. So crack open the DME again - go over it again - and wouldn't you know it - it's in backwards!

So - I'm cranking the car - it's not starting - my wife says - how's it going to help performance if you can't even start it?

ahhhh -- Actually a Steve W chip and another happy customer - took it for a short spin and actually chirped the wheels from a start - my car has never done that before - never - my four year old asked me if that sound came from our car... Yeah buddy - don't tell your mother...

Jeremy D.
1987 Diamond Blue Cabriolet (Fastest)


I just added the Fabspeed euro pre-muff, K & N cone filter, a B & B sport muffler along with Steve's chip and its a different car. A friend with another '88 did the same mods and dyno'd it last week at 243 hp It moves the reduced weight Carrera along quite nicely



Go Steve W, not only did i get better all around performance, i am getting 50 more miles per tank (from 300 to 350). Black magic i say, the man is a wizard.

With gas at Today's prices, the chip will pay for itself in no time.

Alfred T
88 Carrera Coupe
Pacific NW PCA

I just chipped my bone stock 85 Coupe with Steve's chip. It is awesome. The "Carrera lag" is totally gone. Much better throttle response. Much faster and zippier, and it pulls very strongly right to redline. He is careful to not be too aggressive so the car will not predetonate. You'll need 91 or 92 Octane gas after chipping. It is by far the best money I’ve spent on my car. I still grin over the difference every time I go for a drive...

64 356C Cabriolet
85 Carrera Coupe

It's such a crappy day here in Toronto - so I decided that if I can't play with my new toy, I'll start to document all the stuff I've done to it, and stop my lurking on this site at the same time.

This is my first Porsche, a 1987 silver Targa with 105k KM's on it. I'm the second owner - the body is perfect - it was a total gargage queen before I got my hands on it.

The upgrades started slowly with minor cosmetics, and ended last week with a Steve W chip - why on earth did I wait so long!

Doug D
87 Carrera

Car drives great. Starts more briskly, feels smoother and more responsive below 3K. Pulls nice and strong to redline. What I like best is the improved throttle response which helps the throttle blips for downshifts. Feels more like driving my 2.0L Turbo Plym. Laser as far as throttle response. That lag time for the revs to come up after pushing the go pedal always bothered me.

Now I gotta get a LSD or more tire. Tight, low speed turns spin the inside tire more than before- much too easy! I don't understand why LSD wasn't standard equip. for the 911.

Add one more satisfied customer to your list. Money well spent.

Kevin L.
88 Carrera

I got the chip in and it's working very well, pulling much stronger than stock.  I bought the car in late July and it had an Autothority MAF kit with chip.  The power was nice, but the open K&N air filter really produced lots of noise (which to some guys feels like 10 HP or so).   I put the Porsche OEM air box and stock chip back on.  I liked the quieter sound and more secure mounting arrangement, but did miss the power.  The stock set up also seemed to have a "flat" spot on the torque curve.  So I sold the MAF and chip for $800, bought yours and am much happier!  I feel I have gotten most of the power that I had with the MAF kit + chip without the noise.   I doubt the OEM box is a hindrance until I am near WOT and approaching redline.  Again, I feel you have done a very nice job providing a high bang for buck easy to do mod without having to make compromises.

Charles J. R.
Senior Process Engineer




yet another thumb's up for Steve W...
Put the chip in... All I can say is WOW. My car runs very smoothly, and the pull is fantastic. I'm very happy. Steve was very helpful up front and the whole process was really easy. Excellent upgrade for an 84!!!

84 Carrera Targa... Original GP White

-Geof S.


I am a lurking member of this board...but I thought I would throw my .02 on Steve's chip. Yee Haww. I dig it. Put it in my '84 targa today...actually Steve helped me, muchas gracias Steve, above and beyond the call. And this thing is great. Do not have any statistical evidence, but empirically what a difference for me. There is no hesitation at all during acceleration, which I had before and it's noticeably quicker or "peppier". Unbelievable difference for $230...I love when you upgrade something and it pays off this much.


I gotta chime in again to agree with McG----Yee Haww is right on! It's been a few months since Steve put mine in, and i'm still stoked. My buddy who was riding shotgun even noticed the change.

'86 coupe

You can not go wrong if you get a chip from Steve W. I have had a Steve W. chip in my 86 Cab for just over 2 weeks. Drove it to my factory today 25Mi. there and then back on the freeway and then back on Sunset Blvd. ( that is a great high speed curvy road made famous in past racing songs) The thing is it just keeps getting better. It is now sinking in just how much better it is. On the freeway you just hammer it and it moves. No lag at lower RPMs. It winds right up red line and it just feels better all over. It just pulls so much better. If the pre-muffler and Steve W chip are a a difference of 207 HP to 235HP I am not sure, but if you go that way, you will never want to go back. Steve’s chip is a big bang for only $230.



1986 Carrera Cab. Iris Blue. 7 + 9s



Your chip arrived yesterday and I installed it this morning. Everything went fine with the installation...your instructions were very helpful.

Car drives very nicely. Seems to pull stronger in the low and mid-range RPM's. Top end seems about the same as the Autothority chip I had been using. I can see where someone installing your chip to replace the OEM chip would really be impressed. I'm impressed and I had a Autothority chip!

Do you have any sense for the incremental HP gains with the euro-exhaust system, sport muffler and your chip? I have to think that combo is probably good for 20 HP...but you may have better data.

Thanks again.

I received your chip Yesterday and unfortunately had to wait until today before I could fit it.

Fitting the chip was very easy and took me about 15 minutes to do from start to finish and that included the help or hindrance from my 2 year old son.

I really didn't know what to expect - and quite naively I thought I would be stepping into a 996 turbo. None the less I first started with a certain amount of trepidation and let the car warm up.
The first noticeable difference is the improvement in idling. I had my car serviced about 500 miles ago and when slowing to a stop, she would nearly stall. Now she runs as she did prior to the service.
Driving around in the city she behaves very well and in all fairness as she did before the chipping, but I guess it is very hard to tell the difference.
The first time I opened her up was along a good stretch of road and I needed to overtake the car in front as this was slowing down my test run! this is when I could feel the change. I floored it in 2nd gear at about 3000 RPM and she pulled harder than she did before - but it got better, at 5000 RPM she was still pulling harder and when I got to 6000 RPM where I would normally change in to 3rd she was still pulling hard - the engine screaming behind me encouraging me to see where the rev limiter would cut in, but I had to change to 3rd.
At that stage I Gave the infamous Porsche grin and knew that the £150 I paid for the chip was worth every penny!

I will keep you posted on Fuel economy and How she handles as and when I find more out!


Jacob S.
1987 Euro 930/20 Carrera
- United Kingdom


I had a chip done by Steve a few weeks ago and just got back from the track after the evaluation. On top of SSI's and a sport Dansk, I have a Huntley MAF, bored throttle body, boosted fuel pressure. The engine itself had never been opened. The biggest difference I noticed is the increased torque and power going into the redline. I was hoping form more torque below 4000 rpm but I am realistic and know this isn't a V8. My shifting now is all over the place at the Glen. What use to be a 3rd gear turn now is a 4th. 3rd gear at 5000 rpm has massive amounts of power where as before is would lumber. Quite noticeable. I ran an authority chip prior also, so there wasn't much else to change. Top speed on the back stretch was up about 5-10 mph also.

8 9 9 1 1


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