Welcome to SWChips - formerly known as 911Chips - developer of custom performance chips for the Porsche 911 that maximize the performance available from your car.  Whether your car is a completely stock daily driver, or a full blown track weapon, chips are available for the Porsche Carrera 3.2 series from 84-89, the Carrera 964 series from 90-94, 95 993, and 96-98 Euro 993s, and are custom configured to each customer's engine modifications, fuel octane, and preferences.  Performance improvements quite dramatic, as horsepower and torque are increased throughout the powerband from to redline on the order of 6 to 8 percent.  Throttle response is also dramatically improved as it changes the stock Porsche's lag to one of an immediate response.  All around the world, from Europe, to Asia, Australia, South and North America, owners are raving about the dramatic improvement in their car's character, drivability, and power.  Come try one for yourself and experience what your Porsche is truly capable of.


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SWCHIPS is not affiliated with Porsche Cars of North America